20 Exciting Fire Department Fundraiser Ideas Bronx Info

Planned giving refers to donors setting aside funds in advance in order to make a major investment in a healthcare facility or medical research. Finally, have friends, family, and community members purchase your cookbook as a donation to your cause. Here are 5 ideas to finance your plane tickets, food, and accommodation. To make the process more streamlined and efficient, collect cake orders in advance, so you can meet the demand and not under- or over-bake. Depending on the size of your project, you can either bake the cakes yourself (and/or with volunteers) or partner with a local bakery (and share the profit). Host a game night where your community can enjoy a few board games at the local mosque.
Charge families for digital copies of the photos or charge a little extra for printed and framed versions. Trash cleanup fundraisers are another type of fundraiser that benefit both your organization and your community. A successful 50/50 raffle generates revenue for your organization and gives donors the chance to win some serious cash. It’s a perfect fundraising idea to use in conjunction with another fundraising event. For a personalized poem fundraiser, you’ll need to recruit the help of some poets. Try asking around high school or college English classes for volunteers.
Perfect for a coffee-loving constituent, a custom mug set is excellent for their morning beverage. Connect with a local arts and crafts store to provide options such as custom images, text, and colors for the personalized cups. Whenever your winner uses these special mugs, they’ll remember your organization and cause.
This event will last about thirty minutes and you can charge an admission fee at the door. Hosting a game night is a family-friendly office fundraising event that doesn’t require a huge budget. You can also transform your game night into a tournament where guests can compete for a prize. Then, share the videos and encourage your supporters to participate in the challenge and complete their own!
Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas will sometimes restrict where food trucks can operate, so check your local regulations for where this would be possible. Food events may require compliance with health regulations, so be sure to check your local rules. A restaurant or dining hall makes a good setting for a food-based event. This is best in a place with a stage, such as a local school or community center. Pay attention to allergens, and see if local chocolate makers will give you a discount or a donation for the event.
Right from excursions to ice-cream parties and golf tournaments, summer comes with many fun fundraising opportunities. You can go the extra mile and turn this into an all-day snow fest with a carnival, a winter market, crafting activities, and more. How ‘all-out’ you go will depend on your fundraising goal, your current capacity, and how much time you have left until the event. Advertise your pumpkin smash by distributing flyers and posting about it on social media.
This is a great way to offer artists a space to exhibit their work while raising money for your cause. An activity marathon – such as a 24-hour dance-a-thon – is an ideal option for collecting sponsors. Live streaming the event can show the effort put in for the donations as well as giving a live counter of the money raised to encourage more on the day donations.
For example, one basket could contain a $50 gift card to a popular store and another one an iPad. Put a spin on a traditional baking contest and ask your nonprofit’s volunteers, or your entire community, to enter a baking contest for the best Halloween healthy treat. Let your guests know about your competition a couple of weeks in advance. This will give them plenty of time to plan out an amazing costume.
Ask them to come to the station and take shots of a few brave volunteer models going about their typical firefighter duties. Then call a few local copy businesses and price out how much it would cost to have calendars printed. Typically the more calendars you have printed; the less it will cost you per calendar. Once the calendars are printed ask some volunteers to set up booths at the local mall and sell the calendars. Make sure to have a few of the models present to sign the calendars for their adoring fans.